Has E-creator collapsed?

e-creator collapse?

Has e-creator collapsed?

Many people are living in fear as there are rumors and assumptions that e-creator has collapsed. Thousands of Zimbabweans have been making some dollars form e-creator an encouraging, inviting others to join, but recently, the company, through their website has said that they are upgrading their system, after which their customers will be able to withdraw money into their Ecocash within an hour as compared to the 48 hours which was usually the case.

The company has however issued a statement assuring the public/ clients that their money is safe!

However, there are fears that this could be the collapse of e-creator as dis many other network marketing companies.

What s strange thought is that although the company announced that their withdrawal system is down, their “top-up” system is working well, in fact, they are saying that during this period, if you deposit an amount of $1000. the company will reward you with $400!

One can but wonder….where would the $400 come from?

Some e-creator fans/employees are however confident that the system upgrade which Is expected to be completed this coming Saturday (8 July 2023) is genuine and will make e-creator even more safe, secure and reliable.

So the  answer to the question is: No, e-creator has not collapsed, or at least not yet.

All fingers crossed

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